Visualize Market Dynamics and Identify Opportunities with IntelliBubble

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IntelliInvest's, IntelliBubble is a powerful visualization tool that provides valuable insights into market dynamics and trading activity. By representing multiple dimensions of data through the position, it enables investors and traders to quickly identify potential opportunities or risks. The key elements depicted in the bubble analysis are the bubble size, buying level, selling level, and industry-wise view, each conveying crucial information about trading volumes, order flows, and sector-specific trends. Understanding the significance of these components is essential for making informed investment decisions based on the market sentiment revealed through IntelliBubble's intuitive bubble charts.

Bubble Size

The size of the bubble visually represents the relative trading volume or liquidity of a particular stock or industry. Larger bubbles signify higher trading volumes and better liquidity.

Buying Level

The buying level indicates the cumulative buy orders placed at different price points, reflecting demand. More buy orders concentrated at certain levels can potentially drive prices upwards.

Selling Level

The selling level displays the combined sell orders across various price levels, representing supply. A higher concentration of sell orders can exert downward pressure on prices.


IntelliBubble provides bubble analysis not just for overall market, but also aggregated at the broader industry level, giving investors a macro view of market sentiment.