Make Better Decisions

How to find the stock that matches your strategy more efficiently? Strategy Builder is a good choice.

Providing a simple yet powerful interface to all Investors.

Simplifying Investment Strategy

Creating Investment strategy has been made simple by IntelliInvest not just with identifying good stocks but also back-testing and to top it up all by providing seamless integration with your broker demat account for seamless execution and day on day management.

Build Strategy

Identifying which stocks to invest in out of about 5k stocks belonging to 80 odd industries with different risk profiles, fundamentals and technical characteristics is not easy. That is where our filtering criteria based on industry analysis, technical analysis and fundamental analysis come in handy.

Smart Capital Deployment

How much should you be invested at a given point in time is a trick question, this is solved by using our capital deployment based on market condition.

When do you exit a given stock?

Defining exit criteria's based on profit booking, profit booking with trailing stop losses or exiting stocks who have gone into a downward trend.

Backtest Strategy

Once you have identified the criteria for your strategy its time to see how it would have performed historically. This is to see whether it makes economic sense, fits your risk appetite and also performs consistently across varied market conditions. You can run the strategy for a specified duration to see which stocks were picked up, when they were bought and sold, how much PnL they made. You can then optimize the parameter to zero in on a final configuration.

Deploy Strategy

You can now either go live with your strategy in private mode ( only you have access to it) connecting it with your broker and creating investment holding or you can put your strategy into the market place for wider audience who can subscribe to your optimized strategy. Only consideration is you should be either a SEBI registered RIA or RA for publishing strategy in the marketplace.