IntelliInvest: A Smart Way to Secure Your Financial Future.

Building wealth is about starting early. IntelliInvest provides all the tools to build wealth and at the same time manage risk in a proactive manner.

Why invest with IntelliInvest?

  • Carefully Crafted Investment Approaches

    IntelliInvest offers curated investing strategies that span a wide range of risk-investment profiles. These strategies are optimised through back testing and tailored to different investment goals . You can pick the one that suits your preferences - risk, time horizon, and return.
  • Analytics

    Our team of experts conducts comprehensive research on various aspects of each stock, such as technical indicators, fundamental factors, industry trends, market dynamics, investor sentiments and more. We present a unique summary called - IntelliView for every stock that helps you make informed investment decisions.
  • Investment Management

    We provide seamless broker integration and consolidate all your holding to give you a view of our entire holdings. Perform buy or sell actions directly via IntelliInvest.

Constructing your Investment

Access a broad range of investment products to achieve your personalized goals, all in one place.

Industry Analysis

We examine the patterns of economic fluctuations and industry performance to identify which sectors offer attractive investment opportunities and which ones pose high risks.

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Fundamental Analysis

Looking into various fundamental parameter and financial ratios over time as well as comparing within an industry to be able to segregate good, bad and average stocks.

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Technical Indicators

Our strategy is to use various technical indicators to identify stocks that have strong momentum, trend or are in oversold or overbought conditions. This helps us to enter and exit the trades at optimal times and maximize our returns.

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Our Core Features

One platform, multiple analysis to meet your investment goals!


Leveraging the insights obtained from the comprehensive analysis, we can generate daily recommendations aimed at pinpointing promising investment prospects and optimizing the timing of our exits.

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A distinctive method for assessing market dynamics involves blending technical, fundamental, and industry analyses to provide a comprehensive market indicator, enhancing our investment planning capabilities.

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