Unveiling the Fine Print: Our Comprehensive Disclosures.

Intellirecommend Research Private Limited

Intellirecommend Research Private Limited ("The Company" or "We" or "IRPL" is a Private Limited Company, with SEBI registration number INH000014766, based in Gurugram since 2023. The Company builds technology platforms for providing analysis, information, content, and tracking solutions. The company builds financial technology platforms (hereinafter referred to as “the Platform”) and provides financial technology services to its clients.

The Company owns a platform (mobile and web application) called IntelliInvest ("Platform"), which is primarily a content, information, tracking, and analytical platform for stocks and other investment products. IntelliInvest also offers various tools and/or services like strategy builder (a tool to create stocks-based investment strategies on various fundamental and technical parameters), tracking information on stocks, etc. (“Services”).

The intelliinvest platform strategy is a basket of stocks that are curated to track a particular objective or strategy.

IntelliInvest strategies are created by SEBI-registered entities like Investment Advisors & Research Analysts. The Company provides technology solutions and related back-end infrastructure to SEBI-registered intermediaries and other third parties for facilitating subscriptions & transactions in intelliinvest. Some of these intelliinvest strategies are also available on the company's app, based on the agreement between the entities creating the IntelliInvest strategies and the Company.

All returns and ratios displayed on the mobile applications of the company (hereinafter referred to as “the Platform”) are only for informational purposes and are to help investors make an informed decision. They are tools to communicate factual and verifiable return information and should not be seen as advertisements or promotions.

Registration granted by SEBI, membership of BASL, and certification from NISM in no way guarantee the performance of the intermediary or provide any assurance of returns to investors. IntelliInvest strategies can also be created by users for personal investments and be shared with a limited set of other users (recipients) as a means of knowledge sharing among users. Such user-created intelliinvest strategies must not be considered to be investment advice or research reports by users who have not created them, and investments must not be made in such strategies without consulting a SEBI-registered intermediary.

No content on our website or application, including any posts, pictures, or any percentage returns should be considered an advertisement, endorsement, solicitation, financial advice, or offer to sell any products or services of the Company or of any other third parties.

Charts and performance numbers on the platform do not include any backtested data. Please refer to the Returns Calculation Methodology to check how returns are calculated on the platform. Data used for the calculation of live returns and other information is provided by exchange-approved third-party data vendors and has neither been audited nor validated by the Company.

Intelliinvest strategies are not to be construed as a product based on or linked to an index developed by the NSE Indices as the Company is not in the index manufacturing business and 'intelliinvest' is not an independent index. Having said this, the Company is not restricted in comparing the performances of the intelliinvest with any other index. intelliinvest is not licensed to any exchange, trading, or settling venue outside India.

Prices shown on the Intelliinvest app may be delayed. The prices are sourced from an exchange-approved vendor and the Company is not responsible for the accuracy and correctness of the prices. Before order placement, users are redirected to the exchange-approved trading platform of their broker to see the real-time prices as shown by their broker and place the orders in a secured and compliant manner.

All information present on the Intelliinvest app is to help investors in their decision-making process and shall not be considered as a recommendation or solicitation of an investment or investment strategy. Investors are responsible for their investment decisions and are responsible for validating all the information used to make the investment decision. Investors should understand that his/her investment decision is based on personal investment needs and risk tolerance, and performance information available on the Intelliinvest app is one amongst many other things that should be considered while making an investment decision. Past performance does not guarantee future returns and the performance of intelliinvest strategies is subject to market risk. Investments in the stock market are subject to market risks and investors should read all the related documents carefully before investing.

Details of transactions and/or tracking services for domestic stocks available on the Platform:

We only act as intermediaries (as defined in the Information Technology Act, 2000) and are not responsible for the content posted by the users on the Platform, and we do not make any representations regarding the content or accuracy of material posted by such users. The Company has the right, but not the obligation, in its sole discretion, to refuse, delete, or remove any content created by any user on the Platform, including if such content violates these terms and conditions or any applicable laws and the Company shall not be liable to any user for any such refusal, deletion or removal.

To enable transactions on exchange-traded domestic stocks and provide holdings information on exchange-traded domestic stocks, the company has partnered with multiple SEBI-registered brokerage firms. To place orders, the users are directed to exchange approved platforms built and maintained by the company for the partner brokers. This ensures that all transactions are always placed from an exchange-approved broker platform in a secure and compliant manner.

Tools available on the Platform:

There are various tools available on the Platform. Details of some of the investment-related tools can be found here. These tools are either based on basic financial/economic principles or publicly available methodologies on our app. These tools are purely for informational and educational purposes and are not investment advice. Users should verify results and seek professional advice when necessary, as the company does not assume responsibility for any outcomes.

Registered office of Intellirecommend Research Private Limited -

B1402, The Palm Drive,
Golf Course Extn Road, Sec 66
Website – https://www.intelliinvest.com/
CIN: U70200HR2023PTC115296
SEBI registration RA No: INH000009816
Support - Contact us at support@intelliinvest.com for any queries and assistance
All grievances should be addressed to our grievance email using support@intelliinvest.com

The Company is only a technology provider and is not an intermediary in terms of the applicable SEBI regulations. Any information, content or posts contained on the platform of IRPL, whether accessed freely or upon payment of a subscription fee must not be construed to be investment advice or research analysis in terms of the SEBI (Investment Advisers) Regulations, 2013 and the SEBI (Research Analyst) Regulations, 2014 respectively. We are not liable for any losses caused, directly or indirectly as a result of action taken by any user based on any information, posts or content created and/or published on the platform of the Company. It may further be noted that we do not endorse, sponsor, recommend or verify the contents of any post or information created and/or published by any user on the platform of the Company, and are not responsible for the accuracy or veracity of any information, posts or content created and/or published on the platform of the Company.

The information and opinions contained herein have been compiled or arrived at, based upon information obtained in good faith from sources believed to be reliable. Such information has not been independently verified and no guarantee, representation of warranty, express or implied, is made as to its accuracy, completeness, or correctness. All such information and opinions are subject to change without notice. Descriptions of any company or companies or their securities mentioned herein are not intended to be complete. IRPL is not obliged to update this report for such changes. IRPL has the right to make changes and modifications at any time.