Master Your Trades with IntelliPremium

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IntelliInvest, a stock market analysis app offers a comprehensive suite of advanced features through our "IntelliPremium" subscription, designed to empower investors with in-depth insights and personalized strategies.

Financial News

Stay ahead of the curve with real-time access to the latest financial news and market updates. IntelliPremium curates relevant news from trusted sources, ensuring you never miss a beat on developments that could impact your investments. Receive timely alerts and notifications on breaking news, market trends, and industry-specific events, enabling you to make informed decisions promptly.

Investing Strategies

Gain access to a wide range of pre-built investing strategies tailored to various risk profiles, investment horizons, and financial goals. These strategies are meticulously crafted by IntelliInvest's team of experts, leveraging advanced analytics and backtesting to optimize performance. Whether you're a conservative investor seeking steady returns or an aggressive investor aiming for high growth, you'll find a strategy that aligns with your preferences.

Risk Profile Evaluation

Accurately assess your risk tolerance and investment objectives through IntelliInvest's comprehensive risk profile evaluation. This feature employs a series of insightful questions and analyses to determine your unique risk profile, considering factors such as investment experience, financial situation, and investment goals. By understanding your risk profile, you can make informed decisions and construct a portfolio that strikes the right balance between risk and potential returns.

Bubble Analysis

Navigate market fluctuations with confidence using IntelliInvest's proprietary "Intelli Bubble" feature. This advanced tool combines technical, fundamental, and industry analysis to identify potential market bubbles and investment opportunities. By recognizing these patterns early, you can position your portfolio strategically and capitalize on emerging trends.

Premium Recommendations

Leverage the power of IntelliInvest's AI-driven recommendation engine to receive personalized investment recommendations tailored to your risk profile, investment goals, and market conditions. These recommendations are generated through sophisticated algorithms that analyze a vast array of data points, including financial statements, market trends, and historical performance, ensuring you receive actionable insights to optimize your investment decisions.

Build Your Investing Strategy

Take control of your investment journey with IntelliInvest's intuitive strategy-building tools. Customize and fine-tune your investment strategies based on your preferences, risk tolerance, and market outlook. Backtest your strategies against historical data to evaluate their potential performance, and make informed adjustments before deploying them in the live market.

Daily Trending Stocks

Stay ahead of the curve by accessing a curated list of daily trending stocks. IntelliPremium analyzes market sentiment, trading volumes, and other key indicators to identify stocks experiencing significant momentum or potential breakouts. This feature allows you to capitalize on emerging opportunities and make timely investment decisions.

Stock Analysis

Dive deep into comprehensive stock analysis with IntelliPremium's powerful analytical tools. Access detailed financial statements, ratios, and performance metrics for individual stocks, enabling you to conduct thorough fundamental analysis. Complement this with technical analysis tools, including charting capabilities and a wide range of technical indicators, to gain a holistic understanding of a stock's potential.

Stock Analysis - Detailed

Take your stock analysis to the next level with IntelliPremium's advanced features. Gain access to in-depth industry analysis, peer comparisons, and expert research reports, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of a company's competitive landscape and growth prospects. Additionally, leverage predictive analytics and machine learning models to forecast future stock performance and identify potential investment opportunities.

Individual Stock Buy/Sell

Streamline your investment process with IntelliPremium's seamless integration with your brokerage account. Receive personalized buy and sell recommendations for individual stocks, complete with entry and exit points, stop-loss levels, and target prices. Execute trades directly from the IntelliInvest platform, ensuring a seamless and efficient investment experience.

Subscribe Strategies

Simplify your investment journey by subscribing to pre-built strategies that align with your investment goals and risk profile. IntelliPremium offers a diverse range of strategies, from conservative income-generating portfolios to aggressive growth-oriented strategies, each meticulously designed and managed by IntelliInvest's team of experts. Sit back and let the professionals handle the intricacies of portfolio management while you focus on achieving your financial objectives.