Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about IntelliInvest:

Is it Safe to Link My holdings with IntelliInvest?
Yes, it is completely safe to link your holdings with IntelliInvest.
Does IntelliInvest Share My Holdings Data with Anyone?
We do not share your holdings data with anyone.
Difference Between PRO and Premium?
Pro gives you access to strategies which you can subscribe and link with your broker, while Premium gives you access to build your own strategy. Depending upon your capital market knowledge and your aspiration with Intelliinvest you can choose one or the other.
How Do I Link to My Demat Account?
Seamless multiple broker integration under the settings tab. Just Click and Link.
How Many Broker's Interegration is Allowed?
As of now, we support Integration with AliceBlue, Zerodha, Upstox and SMC. We will be integrating with more brokers in the coming days.
What is IntelliPredict?
We have built an AI based prediction methodology by which we predict stock prices upto 1 month in advance. This can be used to gauge high level trend of a stock as well as see the expected volatility of a stock. This can also be integrated with strategy builder to decide on which stocks to enter or to exit.
What is Bubble Analysis?
Summarised view of broader market trend expressed as a numeric value over a period. Gives a clear view of the bullish and bearish trends with precise and accurate index values.
How Does Bubble Analysis Help in Making Investment Decisions?
A distinctive method for assessing market dynamics involves blending technical, fundamental, and industry analyses to provide a comprehensive market indicator, enhancing our investment planning capabilities.
How Do I Refer This App to My Friend?
One can send an invite to a friend from the settings tab, Refer and Earn.
What Benefits Do I Get When I Refer to a Friend?
Refer a friend and get upto 1-month pro subscription free. Benefits can change from time to time.
How Do I Contact the Support Team?
You can support the team using Help & Support in the settings tabs, WhatsApp Chat Support (7 AM to 7 PM) or drop an email at
When I Click on Subscribe to Strategy Does it Directly Execute My Orders?
When a person subscribes to a strategy, orders are generated. To execute the orders you have to click on approve all on the intelliinvest app before being redirected to respective broker..
What is the Intelliinvest Payment model?
Open the IntelliInvest app and tap on the More icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Tap on "Settings" and then navigate to "Personal Information " and select the plan.
  • Select the subscription plan that you want and tap on "Buy Plan".
  • Enter your payment details and confirm the purchase.
Does Intellinvest Charge Per Transaction?
Currently, we do not charge per transaction.
How Can I Track My Performance?
Realised PNL and Un-realised PNL are mentioned in the holdings summary.
How Can I Cancel My Subscription?
The subscriptions are auto-renewable and can be canceled at any time from the app settings or the App Store account. Users can also contact the IntelliInvest support team at for any queries or issues regarding the subscriptions.
Where Can Users Purchase the Subscriptions that Grant Access to the App's Premium Features?
Users seeking access to the app's premium features can purchase subscriptions directly within the app. The app offers two types of subscriptions: monthly and yearly. Users can select the subscription that best fits their needs and budget.
What Paid Content, Subscriptions, or Features are Unlocked within your App that Do Not Use In-App Purchases?
IntelliInvest is a stock market analysis app that empowers investors with intelligent investment techniques. It provides various features such as technical, fundamental, industry, and market bubble analysis, investment profile analysis etc. Some of these features are unlocked within the app without using in-app purchases.
What Payment Modes are Supported by Intelliinvest?
Easy and safe various payment modes like UPI, Internet Banking, etc
Where Do I See All the Strategies?
Go to Watchlist section and you should be able to see Strategies as a tab. Once you go there you can see list of all strategies published by SEBI registered Intermediaries which are grouped under three categories based on their volatility - High, Medium and Low. You can explore these strategies and look at their risk return profile to decide which one suits you.