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Intelliinvest Indian Stock Market Analysis App

IntelliInvest - Indian Stock Market Analysis App

IntelliInvest App is a stock market analysis and investment strategy creation app. It provides various features to assist investors in making informed decisions.

IntelliInvest app provides tools like IntelliPredict, IntelliBubble, and IntelliRecommends.


This feature uses unique algorithms to predict market trends up to a month in advance, incorporating IntelliBubble and technical chart analysis of Indian stocks.


Utilize the IntelliBubble feature to understand market dynamics and potential bubbles. This tool blends technical, fundamental, and industry analyses to provide a comprehensive view of the market, helping you to make more informed decisions about when to enter or exit positions.


Take advantage of the stock recommendations provided by the app. These recommendations are based on the comprehensive analysis done by the app's algorithms and can be a useful starting point for further research.

Additional Feature

Fundamental Analysis of Stock

Begin by examining the fundamental aspects of the stocks you're interested in. The app offers insights into various financial ratios and fundamental parameters over time. This helps you assess the financial health of companies and compare them within their respective industries.

Technical Indicators

Use the technical indicators provided by the IntelliInvest app to analyze stock price movements and market trends. These indicators can help identify stocks with strong momentum, trends, or those that are in oversold or overbought conditions.

Strategy Creation

IntelliInvest offers a simple yet powerful interface for investors to build, backtest, and deploy investment strategies.

How to Use IntelliBubble?

IntelliInvest app includes a feature called IntelliBubble. This feature is designed to provide users with insights into market dynamics, particularly focusing on identifying market bubbles. IntelliBubble combines technical, fundamental, and industry analysis to offer a comprehensive market indicator, which enhances investment planning capabilities.

IntelliBubble helps users stay informed about the likelihood of market rises and bursts. This feature is particularly useful for investors looking to understand market trends and potentially use this knowledge to their advantage, aiming for better returns on their investments.

The IntelliBubble feature is part of IntelliInvest's broader suite of tools aimed at making stock market analysis and investment decision-making more accessible and data-driven for its users. It's a key component of the app's strategy to provide a holistic view of the stock market, incorporating various analytical approaches for a well-rounded investment strategy.

Why to use IntelliInvest App as Part of Your Investment Strategy

Using the IntelliInvest App as part of your investment strategy can be beneficial for several reasons:

Comprehensive Analysis: IntelliInvest provides in-depth analysis of equities through technical, fundamental, industry, and macro factors. This holistic approach can help you understand various aspects of the stock market and make more informed investment decisions.

Customizable Investment Strategies: The app allows for the creation, backtesting, and deployment of investment strategies. This feature can be particularly useful for tailoring your investment approach to your specific risk tolerance and goals.

Real-Time Data and Predictive Insights: With features like IntelliPredict and IntelliBubble, the app offers predictive market insights and real-time data analysis, which can be crucial for staying ahead in rapidly changing market conditions.

Diverse Toolset for Analysis: IntelliInvest provides a range of tools, including technical analysis charts and live charts for stocks. These tools can help in identifying market trends, stock performance, and potential investment opportunities.

User-Friendly Interface: The app's design focuses on usability, making it accessible for both novice and experienced investors.


Incorporating IntelliInvest into your investment strategy can provide a more data-driven, analytical approach to stock selection. However, it's important to remember that while apps like IntelliInvest can be valuable tools, they should be used in conjunction with other research methods and potentially in consultation with a financial advisor, especially for significant investment decisions.

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